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Secure Your Business with Makdos Firewall

Why Makdos?

Today, as companies keep pace with technology, their digital operations naturally increase. The rapid advancement in technology brings with it security weaknesses.

By taking advantage of these weaknesses, you are faced with many types of attacks aimed at stealing your company or personal data (Credit Card, Database) or completely disrupting your operations. In order to avoid such problems, you need to take some measures to protect your network in the first place.

Since the types and methods of attacks vary widely, the systems that provide your network security must be able to respond in the same diversity. Makdos' hardware and self-developed monitoring and security applications protect the data and hardware on your network in multiple ways. In this way, business continuity and sustainability are maximized with Makdos. You can add the security applications that suit you when you select your service and start using them immediately.

Makdos Network Services

Security Applications

Makdos WAF, DoS, IPS, Firewall and vDOM, with 5 different application options, provides services to its customers without any investment and installation costs over fully redundant hardware.

You can easily and quickly protect your virtual (cloud) or physical servers in Makdos with the applications mentioned above. WAF (Web Application Firewall) protects your sites against signature base (generic attacks, trojans) attacks at Layer 7 layer, DDoS protection protects your websites, applications or any program running on your servers against Volumetric (High volume) attacks, TCP flag attacks such as Syn, ack, ICMP, DNS, HTTP flooding etc. It provides full protection against attack types.

With IPS service, you can protect against more than 12.000 attack types.

With our Firewall service, you can regulate the traffic to your servers with port and source/destination IP based rules and protect your servers against external attacks. In addition, with SSL VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can ensure that only your authorized personnel can access the services you are using, and with IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), you can include your servers located in Makdos in your own office network.

In our VDOM service, you can manage your Firewall 24/7 with your user information created specifically for you, or if you request, our NOC team can manage all these operations on your behalf.


Since Makdos Security Applications are offered through Makdos network security infrastructure, there is no need to invest in a separate infrastructure.

Your network is protected against attacks from the internet.

The hardware used in our network infrastructure is designed in a fully redundant manner and there will be no interruption in your services.

Unwanted traffic is blocked before it reaches the customer network. This prevents both interruption of access and unnecessary consumption of network infrastructure resources.

Firewall service ensures that only the desired traffic reaches the destination.

With the VDOM service, you can apply Firewall management directly with your own rules.

Firewall Services

Firewall Security

Firewall systems aim to control all incoming and outgoing network traffic, passing it through certain filters and stopping harmful actions within the network traffic.

IPS Services

Intrusion Prevention System

IPS are security systems used to detect and prevent malicious activity or malicious connections within your network traffic.

VDOM Services

Virtual DOM

With Virtual Domains, a FortiGate appliance becomes a virtual data center for network security, UTM inspection and secure communication devices.

WAF Services

Web Application Firewall

WAF (Web Application Firewall) blocks unusual traffic by performing a detailed inspection on web traffic at Layer 7 layer.

DDoS Services

Distributed Denial of Service

Its purpose is to overwhelm your servers with large amounts of meaningful/meaningless network traffic, making the services unresponsive.

SSL-VPN Services

Virtual Private Network

VPNs are used to encrypt and secure the connection when connecting to untrusted networks.

Makdos Network Services

Firewall Service

Firewall regulates and controls the traffic to/from the network according to the definitions given by IP addresses, Protocols and Ports. In this way, the security of the systems is increased by restricting all access except those authorized.

While a firewall service is absolutely essential, it is not sufficient for security and should be supported by other security products that integrate with the firewall.

With Makdos Firewall service, you can regulate the network traffic of your servers by creating certain rules, close access to the server except authorized personnel with SSL VPN, and include your server in the office network with IPsec.

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