Move your domain to Makdos

Domain Transfer

Transfer your domain to Makdos for a better service.

With the transfer of your domain name, your service will be extended for another 1 year.


Get the EPP (Transfer) Code from your old company and cancel the Identity Hiding and Transfer Lock.


Start a domain transfer order with the EPP Key (Transfer Password) you received from your old company.

Mail Confirmation

A confirmation message will be sent to your Administrator Mail address registered for the domain. Confirm this.


At the end of all these processes, the domain will be active in your account within 5-7 days without interruption on your site.

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Free Domain Redirection

Use free domain forwarding to quickly redirect your domain name to an existing website or web page.

Hide Whois Information

Hide your personal information using domain name privacy protection services.

Domain Name Transfer Lock

Lock and secure your domain name to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Easy DNS Management

With simple tools and intuitive user interfaces, you can easily manage your domain 's DNS records.

Free Internal Transfer

Transfer your domain name to another customer quickly and easily at no additional cost.

Advanced Administration Panel

Access and manage your domain name with a powerful and intuitive administration panel.

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