General Terms of Use

For all of our packages, User Agreement except for the terms of use listed below are applicable.

1- For all our packages, the email quota per account is 250 MB. The email sending limit is 50 emails per 1 hour. Makdos Bilişim may make changes to hourly sending limits.

2- Packages cannot be used for purposes that are contrary to web hosting concepts, such as file sharing, data storage, and backup.

3- Packages cannot be used for bulk/spam email sending. may impose restrictions on hourly sending when deemed necessary.

4- The customer is responsible for backing up their data. Our company cannot be held responsible for any possible data loss.

5- We cannot provide a 100% migration guarantee for the free website transfer service.

6- Unlimited features are based on good faith usage. The purpose here is for our customers to use their packages within the bounds of good faith without being restricted by any limits. There is a CPU limit application on packages based on this principle.

7- Unless otherwise specified in our packages, the CPU usage limit is up to 25% of one processor core. In certain packages, this limit can go up to 50%.

8- Makdos Bilişim may periodically monitor resource usage (CPU, number/size of files, MySQL processes, etc.) and may request the customer to reduce their resources if necessary.

9- Makdos Bilişim has the right to terminate the service and request a refund at any time without providing a reason.

10- Makdos Bilişim reserves the right to make changes to hosting packages and the factors affecting these packages, as well as all other elements.

11- Makdos Bilişim is not obliged to install, modify, or configure 3rd-party programs. Installation requests may be carried out at the discretion of Makdos Bilişim Services.

12- Any issues and data losses caused by 3rd-party software installed by Makdos Bilişim are not the responsibility of our company.

Prohibited Content

Hosting of the following websites/content is not allowed on our servers.

• Toplist Sites
• Performing DOWNLOAD / UPLOAD on servers,
• IRC Scripts / Bots
• IRCD (IRC Servers)
• Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers
• Image Scripts (such as Photobucket or Tinypic)
• Automatic Surf / PTC / PTS / PPC Sites
• IP Scanners
• Bruteforce Programs / Scripts / Applications
• Email Bombers / Spam Scripts
• Banner Conversion Networks (Commercial banner conversion sites)
• File Upload / Mirror Scripts (such as Rapidshare, Hotfile, etc.)
• Commercial Audio / Radio Broadcasting Websites
• Seizure / Bank Debt Notes
• High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) or related websites
• Investment websites (FOREX, E-gold exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi schemes, MLM/Saadet Chain)
• Lack of required permissions for the sale of substances controlled by the government
• High-interest banking programs
• Lottery / Gambling Sites
• MUDs / RPGs / PBBGs
• Hacker-focused websites
• Programs used for DDoS attacks and similar malicious purposes
• Websites or forums distributing or linking to pirated, illegal, or warez content
• Bank promissory notes and their clearing programs
• Fake Websites (including but not limited to those listed at & addresses)
• Mailer Pro
• Button-clicking Email Sending Software
• Live sports events broadcasting (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, etc.)
• Automatic friend request sender software
• Anonymous or bulk SMS sending applications
• Bitcoin miners
• PayDay loan sites (programs related to payday loans or debt partnerships)
• Child pornography
Content that may potentially harm children or minors, including child pornography, is strictly prohibited. Any website containing child pornography or links to it will be immediately shut down without notice.


1- Our top priority is to provide seamless and high-quality service to all our users. The rules and limits mentioned in the package details are determined within the scope of this priority. Accordingly, the consumption of resources such as disk space, traffic, CPU, and other resources is not allowed to reach a level that would negatively affect our main system and other users who share this system in any way.

2- All our individual and corporate users have the right to use a healthy email service. All the measures we take, including our zero-tolerance policy against spam, are aimed at ensuring the continuity of this service.

3- We are aware that data can be valuable to our users, no matter which service they have. However, we cannot determine the exact value of this data. We encourage our users to regularly back up their websites, even if they have purchased a backup service. Each user is 100% responsible for taking their own backups, regardless of the service they have purchased. In the event of possible data loss, even if additional backup services have not been purchased from us, we recommend that our users back up their websites to their computers In the event of system errors, if backups have been taken as a precaution we would be happy to share these backups with them.

4- We would like to emphasize that our packages and the resources and limits they have are always monitored based on good faith usage. All operations are carried out with this principle in mind.

5- No customer using the services under the name can interact with any other customer under this structure using malicious programs (such as DDoS). If detected, the service will be terminated without any inquiry.

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