Information Security Policy

Our organization does not possess access/connection information, critical device-specific configurations, or communication details during its operations.

If requested, our priority is to establish the trust of the institutions and organizations we serve and ensure the security of our information assets used for the services we provide.

In this context, our relationships with the customers, government agencies, and dealers we collaborate with are highly valuable.

The continuity of the services we provide, the confidentiality of the information we hold, and the integrity of the information assets of our customers or within our organization are of paramount importance.

For this purpose:

  • We have established the ISO 27001:2013 system and commit to continuously improve its effectiveness.
  • We continuously review our risks and implement controls for risks that exceed acceptable levels.
  • We ensure that our employees maintain a high level of awareness regarding information security.
  • We commit to fully comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey.
  • We review and update this policy annually to keep it current.

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