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Makdos E-Mail

We offer unlimited e-mail solutions that are completely prepared for corporate companies, without spam problems, with daily backup service.


Fast and Reliable Service

In Corporate Mail

Our Makdos mail service is a special mail server completely configured according to the needs of the corporate company. You can exchange e-mails by opening a high quota and unlimited e-mail address on your own private mail server, and at the same time, you will ensure your data security as it is a service configured specifically for you. You can access your corporate mail accounts from all devices and check your mails wherever you are. Together with Makdos Mail, we offer uninterrupted service with our data center located in Turkiye.

Free Firewall

With our Firewall service, all your e-mail messages are not allowed to be accessed from outside without your knowledge.

SSD Disk Quality

With SSD, the most up-to-date and high-speed storage disk, your emails are stored both securely and quickly.

Compatible For All Devices

You can quickly access and check your e-mail messages from all your devices such as web, mobile, computer.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide service with our professional and solution-oriented 24/7 support staff.

SPAM Protection

Your e-mail addresses have spam filtering feature. In this way, the e-mail confusion that will occur due to unnecessary e-mails is prevented and the security of your e-mails is ensured.

Free Backup

With our weekly backup service, your e-mails can remain secure. Thus, your e-mails can be recovered in case of accidental deletion etc.

Data Security

Important data of emails, such as credentials, passwords and other confidential information, is protected by encryption. This prevents information from being intercepted by third parties.

Control Panel

Through its user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage, you can easily manage your e-mail service from your control panel.

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