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IYS Integration

Automatically manage all your message permissions in one place.

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Message Management System Integration

Within the framework of the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce published by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkiye; service providers are obliged to obtain recipient consent in order to send commercial electronic messages (via SMS, e-mail and call) to their potential customers for promotional, promotional, discount and campaign purposes. For this purpose, a management system that allows you to report permission status through a web-based application has been created with the aim of ending the sending of unauthorized messages. In short, the system that manages communication permissions from a single point and collects these permissions in a center is called IYS.

In this regard, as IYS business partner, we help you with the integration service and prevent many difficulties that manual uploading and workload will bring.


How does the IYS Integration Process Work?

Registration to IYS system

Fill out the Business Partnership form that will be sent to you and send it to

Sending us the code sent to you after confirmation

Purchase the service from us

Now you can use the service via API or Panel.

API Integration Support

By integrating it into your applications via API, you can process instant situations such as adding, changing and querying permissions in user data.

Webhook Support

You can be notified instantly when the users you send messages to make any changes.

Administration Panel

If you are not going to use the API, you can import your users through the administration panel and check message permission approvals.

Free Consulting

During your adaptation process to IYS, we offer you free consultancy with our expert staff and help you with the problems you will experience.

What Does IYS Integration Offer?


Sending the Business Partnership Word document obtained from Makdos to


IYS will send you the contract file and link.


Approval of the link received by IYS.


IYS defines us as your business partner.


Purchase the appropriate package from Makdos.


Sending information via API and Webhook.


Sending Rejections and Approvals.


Sending the changes made by the citizen on the IYS side to you on a daily basis.

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